Friday, October 26, 2012

Skrol – Dances & Marches For The Orphan Age (2005)

Conceptual, to modern classical music form pointing album, base on the suite "Dances & Marches" by Vladimír Hirsch, composed between 1997-1998. It gives the impression of a broad respiring depth (the ambient musical layer), whose dark mouth is surrounded by human mass (instrumental bases), where truly specific, emotionally wrought faces surface from anonymity (melodies, vocals, non-invasive noise samples).  The individual visions of the differing inclinations of SKROL’s individual members are projected here over a matrix of a unifying philosophical substratum of the ever-present existential theme.  The vocal thesis-antithesis principle, the dominant female vocal pole assumes a sometimes distinctly sorrowful melodic, sometimes non-verbal, transcendental aspect, and the most important instrument here is classical organ, not by its predominance, but by its content. 


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