Monday, October 29, 2012

Vladimír Hirsch - Graue Passion (2009)

Revisited "Symphony" No.4 in live ferfomance. Probably the most important work of the composer. Musicians: Czech integrated ensemble and choir, conducted by author. Soloists: Vladimír Hirsch-pianos, electronic keyboards, programming, Martina Sanollová - mezzo-soprano, Dominika Karčovská - soprano vocals. Thematic opus, where the author is trying to create a deeply immersed, painful perception here, dominated by uncertainty and doubt, but through the belief in spiritual strength inclined to hope and strife for the fulfilling of the faith’s thesis. In expressive terms the work combines expressive means ranging from symphonic to noise, in a totality which up to now represents the author’s concept of the so-called integrated musical form the best. Recorded partially live at „Luminiscence Evening“, ČKD Hall in Karlín, Prague, November 18, 2008, rearranged, and remixed at CatchArrow Recordings studio, Prague, Czechia.


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