Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vladimír Hirsch - Symphony No.3 (1999)

Symphony for integrated orchestra, organ and percussions, no.3 with subtitle “Brands Of Tyrany” or also "Sinfonia integra per orchestra, organo e percussione”, op.52. 1998. Musicians: Czech integrated ensemble, conducted by Vladimír Hirsch; soloists: mezzosoprano: Martina Sanollová, organ: Vladimír Hirsch. Recording with original parts: I.-XVI. in 5 tracks.

Music from Symphony Ńo.3 "Brands Of Tyranny" was used in "Añima4" by Joeser Ariana Alvarez and Boaventura, which film became the winner of the first edition of Festival de video libre in 2016, Madrid, Spain as "Best Non-Fiction Short Film" and also the winner of 12th Festcinemazónia 2014, Brazil", 2014 as "The best experimental video".


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