Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vladimír Hirsch - Symphony No.4 "Descent From The Cross" (2008)

Symphony for integrated orchestra and choir, composed between 2001-2005, with the subtitle "Descent From The Cross". Thematic opus, inspired originally by Dostoevski’s interpretation of Hans Holbein's painting of same name. The atmosphere is a deeply immersive and sharply painful, with a tragic mpact at the beginning, yet intimate inclination to hope in the end of the work. The album combines expressive means ranging from symphonic to noise, but attains unity and a fully homogenous structure. performed by Czech Integrated Ensemble & Choir, Vladimír Hirsch and soloists Martina Sanollová and Dominika Karčovská.

The album was released separately, but also as a part of the box-set collection of Vladimír Hirsch's solo works "The Assent To Paradoxon".


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